Audio Post-production, Sound Design, Audio Editing and Location Sound and Music Recording.
Location Recording
the most important step in creating quality audio

Location Audio for Video

We have all the neccessary tools and techniques to properly record the production audio for your film. We can provide a Sound Mixer and/or a Boom Operator.

Since Fidler Sound & Media also does Audio Postproduction, we understand the need for the production audio to be captured properly whether you are going to use us for post or not.

Guerilla Music Recording

We can come to your practice space, studio, or live event and record up to 18 tracks at a time using our portable Pro Tools rig, an excellent assortment of microphones, and great sounding pre-amps. We can also do stereo recordings to DAT or hard drive for a more live feel (great for orchestral and choral music!)

Matt Fidler has many years experience as a musician, audio engineer and music/radio producer. He understands that most bands don't have the budget for a $100+/hour studio to track an album. In fact many major releases don't use these studios at all any more. This is why Matt specializes in making the best of what you have available.

Below are examples of recordings Matt has tracked in less than perfect environments.

Guerilla Music Recording Examples:

Blisses B: - Drums, Guitar & Bass recorded in a small practice space measuring 12' X 13'. Vocal overdubs were recorded in our project studio. This piece has not yet been mastered - picture

Thom Doyle: - Piano recorded in a large living room with a wood chipper working in the background. Overdubs were recorded in our project studio. This piece was mastered at RadioCamp Studios

Billy & the Fid: - Drums recorded to a click track in a small practice space measuring about 12' X 20'. Overdubs were recorded in our project studio. This piece was Mastered at RadioCamp Studios - picture