Audio Post-production, Sound Design, Audio Editing and Location Sound and Music Recording.

Audio/ Radio Production

Music Production

Radio Production

Latino USA/The Bronx River

A World of Possibilities/Bombs Away

Making Contact/Food For Thought

ADR (dialog replacement):

-Dying in your sleep- .mov - 2.2 MB or .mp4 - 4.6 MB

Noise Reduction / Audio Restoration:

-Before- -After- (a noisy recording at a press conference)


-Sounds- opens in filmmaker's website

-Wrong 19.0MB

Sound Design:

-Maintenance 18.6MB

Studio Tracking / Mixing:

-Angels in the Periphery- 5.3MB

-Jacuzzi Sue- 6.1MB

Live Recording:

-Lowell High Orchestra- 2.8MB