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School CD Fundraiser

Here is how it works:

We have recorded live performances as well as “studio recordings” where we come to your rehearsal space or classroom to record. On a live recording, you can hear the audience’s applause and feel the energy from a live performance. And the “studio recordings” sound especially nice, because of the quieter acoustics of the classroom and the opportunity to have several takes and even overdubs so we capture the best performance a student can give.  To keep the initial price down, we require a minimum order of 100 CDs.  If you don't want to order 100 CDs, contact me at i n f o @ f i d l e r s o u n d . c o m and we can make other arrangements.

As we all know, School Music Departments don’t necessarily have the time and money to put something like this all together. So, we have come up with a way for a School to do this at no cost to the school. In fact, with a little effort from students, your music program will actually make money.
Prices and Profits:
Any order over 200 CDs, we charge $9 per CD, and we'll waive the initial $250 recording fee.
An order of 150 to 199 CDs, we charge $9 per CD.
An order of 100 to 149 CDs, we charge $10 per CD.
This includes, Recording, Mixing, Mastering to CD, color printing on the CD, and full sized jewel cases with full color inserts shrink wrapped. You won’t be able to tell the difference from a CD you purchase at a mainstream record store.